Foundry: A DAO for Economic Freedom

It's time for crypto to start making moves on the global stage.

Foundry will be our gladiator.

Foundry and FRY
Foundry's future is in the hands of FRY holders.
Tools for Economic Freedom
Foundry will accumulate FRY holders who believe in unstoppable economic freedom. After SmokeSignal and DAIHard, FRY holders will likely drive Foundry to build or invest in similar pursuits: profitable tools that increase economic freedom which cannot be shut down.
Liquid Democracy
Team Toast is designing a Liquid Democracy system that allows Foundry to rely on FRY holders for intelligent decision-making, while avoiding common pitfalls of DAO governance. Read the whitepaper for more on this design.
FRY Sale
The sale of FRY opened at noon UTC, June 19th 2020, and will run just for about 19 months, until January 23, 2022. Read more about it on our FAQ.
SmokeSignal and DAIHard
Unkillable, global, uncensorable products, ready today. Foundry does not ask permission.
SmokeSignal is a herald of an age without censorship. Pseudonymous users can post to topics and reply in a nested fashion, and each post is both immediately public and impossible to delete. The conversation has already started.
DAIHard extends many of the promises of crypto (borderless, anonymous, limitless, unstoppable) into entering and exiting crypto itself. Anyone, anywhere can buy and sell DAI for local cash in a peer-to-peer marketplace, without KYC. Browse the DAIHard marketplace
The Road Ahead
Foundry will attract FRY holders who value profitable tools that guarantee economc freedom. This will give Foundry a preference to fund products that fragile meatbags may be reluctant to, for fear of persecution.
Zimbabweans are trapped in an abusive economic system. But crypto is growing teeth.
Zimbabwe's Plight
The official currency of Zimbabwe is rapidly inflating, and this is nothing new. It is practically impossible to save money in such an environment, and entrepreneurship is being strangled. Worse, the banking system significantly limits withdrawals, and ATMs simply don't work. Internal political pressure has proven incapable of changing any of this.
Blueprint For an Economic Jailbreak
The ZimDai Paper: A Blueprint for an Economic Jailbreak is a thorough investigation into the viability of boostrapping Dai adoption in Zimbabwe, given the significant challenges any such endeavor faces today. It assumes a hostile state and does not rely on jurisdictional permission. It is the result of two months of on-the-ground research by Logan, funded by Team Toast.
The Missing Piece
What's needed is a marketing drive. With both marketing leadership and funding, we may have on our hands a strikingly realistic, immediately applicable plan to liberate the Zimbabwean citizenry from systemic financial abuse. This has been a dream within crypto for years. Given significant funding, we expect Foundry to lead and fund this campaign.
Team Toast
We're a small team centered around development of Foundry and its products.

Logan Brutsche (reddit, Github)

Co-founder and CEO of Team Toast, and doting mother of Foundry. Lead developer for DAIHard, Foundry, and SmokeSignal. Developed the Burnable Payment, DAIHard, and SmokeSignal smart contracts. Uses the Cu Chi Tunnels extensively to evade The Man.

Schalk Dormehl (Github)

Co-founder of Team Toast and Sugar Daddy for Foundry. Pays Foundry's bills while it grows up to be a big strong DAO. Developed the Bucket Sale contract and associated tests. Leads research and development for DAO governance. Exists in a permanent state of bewildered or concerned confusion.

V for Visuals

Visual Designer for DAIHard and Foundry. Shrouded in secrecy. Those who speak its true name invite disaster and misfortune. Coaxed into manifestation by offers of cheap liquor and forbidden dark magicks.